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Learn about your computer - Download Aida32 now

WinXP Tweaks

How do I install a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router  /  

How do I set up outlook express email

Building a Website

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Intel Processor Overview

dual core


front side bus

L2 cache


socket types


Hyper Speed


The Server where I host my webpages - cheap and helpful


Some of my favorite places           St Martin Feb 2009



woodstock 40th - a short film from the Concert at Bethel Woods on 8/15/09- Woodstocks original location.

Download all the music from the show - HERE - and the passcode is 0815



Color Stuff: 4096 color picker , colors, colorBlender , DTML color picker , JS color codes , visibility of text on background , visualize colors together .............. My page design- colormatch ..... The DHTML Color Calculator

gradient demo

ColorWizard - single flash (swf) file, so you may right click and 'save taget' to your computer to use later .

Quick Games:  right click to save to desktop (save target) or left click to play.

asteroids  bells  breakout chess desktopTD donkeyKong  duckHunt  frogger  hexxagon  invaders  juggler  md5war pacman plaything pong  simon  snake  starcastle tetris

remember: you may right click and save target to save game to your own computer or download all the games here

farmer and the donkey

Skin Care at its best


Instant Word Press unzip and run instantwp.exe to play with Wordpress on you own local computer